How to install Backupninja to CentOS?

1. Install the EPEL repo

2. Install the backupninja rpm package:

yum install backupninja

3. Patch /usr/share/backupninja/mysql

The Debian’s stable version of Backupninja is a outdated, so I apply 2 patches from the Backupninja’s latest version to /usr/share/backupninja/mysql:


Replace the line:

table=$( expr match "$qualified_table" "$db\.\([^\w]*\)" )

with the following one:

table=$( expr match "$qualified_table" "$db\.\(.\+\)" )


Replace the line:

execstr="$DUMP -r '$dumpdir/${db}.sql'"

with the following one:

execstr="$DUMP > '$dumpdir/${db}.sql'"

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