Paul Graham - «Being a Noob»: some citations

The more of a noob you are locally, the less of a noob you are globally.
For example, if you stay in your home country, you'll feel less of a noob than if you move to Farawavia, where everything works differently.
And yet you'll know more if you move.
So the feeling of being a noob is inversely correlated with actual ignorance.

The life of hunter-gatherers was complex, but it didn't change as much as life does now.
They didn't suddenly have to figure out what to do about cryptocurrency.
So it made sense to be biased toward competence at existing problems over the discovery of new ones.

Now that too much food is more of a problem than too little, our dislike of feeling hungry leads us astray. And I think our dislike of feeling like a noob does too.