How do I configure my Windows 10 workstation from scratch?

  1. Adjust the mouse pointer speed.
  2. Set the central display as primary.
  3. Remove advertisements from Windows Search.
  4. Disable the progress animation for the taskbar
  5. Configure drive letters and labels (
  6. Setup shortcuts on the Desktop.
  7. Set the timezone.
  8. Change data formats in Windows settings.
  9. Configure the Power Management.
  10. Configure File Explorer (Windows Explorer).
  11. Install Google Chrome and configure it.
  12. Setup Microsoft Edge to do nothing and do not interrupt me anymore.
  13. Disable unnecessary notifications from apps.
  14. Turn off all notification sounds.
  15. Prevent Windows 10 from rebooting automatically.
  16. Install and configure Steam (I need it for DisplayFusion).
  17. Install DisplayFusion and configure it.
  18. Install Notepad++ and configure it.
  19. Configure the Windows hosts file.
  20. Unpin the preinstalled crapware (Edge, etc.) from the taskbar.
  21. Delete some preinstalled crapware (Skype, OneDrive, etc.).
  22. Configure the taskbar.
  23. Configure the lock screen.
  24. Configure input languages.
  25. Configure the Desktop's background.
  26. Install and configure SnagIt (to illustrate this article with pictures).
  27. Install and configure Photoshop.
  28. Install Photoshjop Beta (for Adobe Firefly).
  29. Configure autochk.
  30. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader (without the bundled crapware).
  31. Install motherboard drivers.
  32. Set refresh rates for displays.
  33. Install GeForce Game Ready Driver.
  34. Install Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS).
  35. Upgrade BIOS.
  36. Install FastCopy.
  37. Install WinRAR.
  38. Install VLC media player.
  39. Install Camtasia.
  40. Install Araxis Merge.
  41. Install HandBrake.
  42. Disable Microsoft Defender.
  43. Install «HEVC Video Extensions».
  44. Install Icaros shell extensions.
  45. Install IntelliJ IDEA.
  46. Disable User Account Control.
  47. Install Telegram Desktop.
  48. Install ffmpeg.
  49. Install the Opera browser.
  50. Rename the PC.
  51. Setup Task Scheduler to create system restore points automatically by a shedule.
  52. Setup cmd.
  53. Install PowerShell 7.
  54. Install Windows Terminal.
  55. Install Cygwin.
  56. Install Python.
  57. Remove garbage items from the File Explorer context menu.
  58. Prevent Windows from adding the «- Shortcut» suffix to shortcuts
  59. Install Paint.NET.
  60. Install «Git for Windows».
  61. Setup the console window title via .bash_profile for Cygwin and Git for Windows
  62. Install SourceTree.
  63. Install PuTTY.
  64. Install FileZilla.
  65. Install git-filter-repo.
  66. Install LibreOffice.
  67. Install Inkscape.
  68. Install PHP.
  69. Install Apache.
  70. Install MySQL.
  71. Install Chocolatey.
  72. Install NSSM.
  73. Install Nginx.
  74. Install phpMyAdmin.
  75. Install Upwork Desktop App.
  76. Install Elasticsearch 8.5.
  77. Install TCPView.