Do I need to prevent Intel's «Delayed launcher» (`IAStorIconLaunch.exe`) from auto-startup?

What is Intel's «Delayed launcher» (IAStorIconLaunch.exe)?


I think so.

Tested SSD speed with CrystalMark (and didn't notice any difference)

It seems delayed launcher or IAStorIconLaunch.exe from Intel RST uses the local run registry setting to execute when a user logs in Windows.
Doing that actually delays your boot time for about 30-60 seconds before viruses or malware can interfere with system files.
This also allows Intel RRT to restore the hard disk from the "recovery partition" which is maintained using RAID 1 mirroring and runned in the background.
It's basically a system recovery measure but also allows your Windows system to load before any other apps like viruses/malware.