GoDaddy plans to terminate my account because it mistakenly thinks that I am in Russia (solved)

Important Notice Regarding Your GoDaddy Account.
From: GoDaddy

Important Notice

Our records indicate you or a contact listed in your account may be located in the Russian Federation.
If our records are correct, your account(s) and/or affected product(s) will be terminated as of December 31, 2023.

For domain registrations, you have until December 31, 2023 to initiate the transfer of any impacted domain(s) to a registrar of your choice, subject to the incoming transfer restrictions of other registrars.
For instructions on transferring domains, see

For all other products, your access to all data and content on file with us will be terminated as of December 31, 2023, and we will not be able to provide you with backups.
Accordingly, we are respectfully asking you to retrieve your data and transfer any products you have with us to a new provider prior to that date.

You will not have access to your account(s) and/or affected product(s) once they are terminated.

We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.

Step 1 (2023-12-12)

My GoDaddy account contained an outdated information (a Russian address in the «Profile» and «Billing» sections).
I have changed the address to my current official address (outside of Russia):

2023-12-12--08-56-30 - Copy

Step 2 (2023-12-12)

Then I contacted GoDaddy:

Customer Number: 144190517
Today I got a notice that GoDaddy plans to terminate my account because it mistakenly thinks that I am in Russia.
I published the letter here:
Your records were outdated: I have not been in Russia for 6 years, since 2017.
Now I have updated my address in my GoDaddy account (in the «Profile» and «Billing» sections) to my current legal address (outside of Russia).
See the updated screenshots here:
Here is the proof of my address (issued by the Government of Turkey):
Will my account be still terminated?

Step 3 (2023-12-12)

The Godaddy's response:

Please check the address from the domain info as well once.
If there no Russia address is there then you can good to go no need to worry.


Step 4

I updated the address for all my domains: